How to Stay Safe While Protesting

The most important thing to remember during these protests is your SAFETY. 

Given the recent spike of violence from law enforcement during peaceful demonstrations, it’s important to take these specific safety precautions so you can protect yourself, and protest safely.

Always double-check who is organizing the protest before you go. Also, there is safety in numbers, if you’re planning to attend a protest, try to go with a friend so you can look out for each other.

Supplies to bring:

  • A backpack: You’ll need something to carry your supplies
  • Water & snacks: It’s going to be a long day, bring your largest water bottle and some lightweight snacks. 
  • Face masks & goggles/sunglasses: Remember we’re still going through a pandemic. This will keep you safe and hide your identity. 
  • Hand sanitizer: This is essential.
  • ID: Just in case you get detained. 
  • Cash: This is a safety measure so authorities can’t track your whereabouts. 
  • Good shoes: Wear closed-toed shoes that are good for walking long distances. 
  • A power bank: Bring this to charge your phone. 
  • First-aid supplies
  • Black clothes: This is ideal for blending in, a common method amongst solidarity protestors.

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